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Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
General Ledger
Pro Shop POS
CompuDine POS
Payroll Manager
Windows 98/2000/XP
PIII 800MHz or Higher*
800x600 VGA Display
64MB RAM or Higher
At least 5GB Disk Free for FULL Accounting System Install (on one volume)
Highly suggest MS Access 2000 or XP (97 will not work!)
High-Speed Internet Connection STRONGLY recommended!
Laser Printer
(for Accounting)
* Note: Some older workstations may not be suitable for this windows application even though they satisfy the minimum hardware requirements listed above.
Payroll Management System

Who says processing payroll has to be
difficult? With ACES PR System you are
certain to have time to spare. Our intuitive
interface makes it so easy!

View online interactive demo
     The Payroll System provides power and flexibility, which is all under user control. New features include Earned Income Calculations. Enhanced capabilities have been made to all areas from the previous products. For example, the ability to store photos for each employee has been added to meet security concerns.

     Users have the capability to inquire on any check written on the system in full detail. This is accomplished by search all checks by employee. Then a simple double-click provides complete detail of all earnings, other-pays, taxes, and deductions in one screen.

     The user is in full control of updating all tax tables including federal, state, and local.

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