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Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
General Ledger
Pro Shop POS
CompuDine FB POS
Payroll Manager
Windows 98/2000/XP
PIII 800MHz or Higher*
800x600 VGA Display
64MB RAM or Higher
5GB Disk Space
High-Speed Internet Connection STRONGLY recommended!
* Note: Some older workstations may not be suitable for this windows application even though they satisfy the minimum hardware requirements listed above.
Compu-Dine F&B POS System

Expedite your orders with accuracy and ease!
The ACES Compu-Dine F&B POS System takes
running your restaurant smoothly to the next
level. Check out the features below.

View online interactive Order Entry demo
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     The ACES Touch-Screen Compu-Dine F&B POS system was written with simplicity and reliability in mind. Menu design and maintenance is a snap; and, because the system uses industry standard hardware, costs are minimized, both upon installation and when replacement components are required.

     There are many F&B POS systems in the marketplace; and, it is certainly not our intention to slight any one of them. A big difference is that the Aces Compu-Dine POS system was especially written for the Club Membership market, whereas most all other systems were primarily written for hotels and restaurants. Does that matter? Well, it can matter a great deal. The Aces F&B POS system works hand-in-hand with the Aces Membership system. In fact, they are in communication all the time. Important data such as account status, membership category, dependant names, birthdays, anniversary dates, etc. are available and up to date all the time.

     From an interface standpoint, the Aces POS system understands system Sales/Revenue Codes; and, in fact, can distribute up to 30 such codes per ticket. Most other POS systems can at best handle 4-10 codes per register! What that can mean to the accounting department is a lot of general journal entries at month end. Do not be misled by the fact that other register systems can produce a lot of detail information at the register reporting level. They surely can; however, not all of that information is transferable to the accounting department.

     It is strongly suggested that our F&B POS system be installed on a "dedicated" file server.  Usually one file server is used for all Aces applications including Accounting, F&B POS. The server may use either server software such as Windows 2003 Server for larger systems, or Windows XP Pro for smaller ones. 

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