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Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
General Ledger
Pro Shop POS
CompuDine POS
Payroll Manager
Windows 98/2000/XP
PIII 800MHz or Higher (P4 better)*
800x600 Display
64MB RAM or Higher
At least 5GB Disk Free for FULL Accounting System Install (on one volume)
Highly suggest MS Access 2000 or XP (97 will not work!)
High-Speed Internet Connection STRONGLY recommended!
Laser Printer
(for Accounting)
* Note: Some older workstations may not be suitable for this windows application even though they satisfy the minimum hardware requirements listed above.
Accounts Receivable and Membership

When it comes to keeping your accounts
running smooth and without error, Accounts
Receivable is the right package for your
business. Check out the features below!

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     What separates our product from many other fine Windows software packages is the focused attention given to the various aspects of a membership organization. The Accounts Receivable system includes the following parts:

Membership Account Data
Family Membership Module
Boat/Yacht Subsystem with photos
Locker Information
Property Records
Recurring Charge Data
Customized File Creation
Internal Organization Records
Bank Drafting of Account Payment
Server Productivity Detail Information
Photos stored for Members, Spouses, and Family Members

     When all the various report options are considered, there are hundreds of specialized reports included with this software. Of course, for advanced users, custom report writing is available because of our compatibility with MS Office applications.

     The Aces system is unique in tracking all revenue and payment information in detail by revenue distribution codes. In addition, because there is no limit to the term of history in the system, users can track spending by member or by membership category for as long a period as desired.

     Of course, the A/R system is a gathering point for information from our Aces Compu-Dine Point-of-Sale systems or from several other third-party POS systems.

     No matter how the information gets to the A/R system, it is smoothly transferred to the G/L system as the user desires. All information is stored in a “hold” file so that there are no system bottlenecks in the General Ledger system.

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