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Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
General Ledger
Pro Shop POS
CompuDine POS
Payroll Manager
Windows 98/2000/XP
PIII 800MHz or Higher*
800x600 VGA Display
64MB RAM or Higher
At least 5GB Disk Free for FULL Accounting System Install (on one volume)
Highly suggest MS Access 2000 or XP (97 will not work!)
High-Speed Internet Connection STRONGLY recommended!
Laser Printer
(for Accounting)
* Note: Some older workstations may not be suitable for this windows application even though they satisfy the minimum hardware requirements listed above.
Accounts Payable System

This is the best way to track your outgoing
accounts payable. Note that the AP system
does require that ACES General Ledger is
installed prior to installing Accounts Payable.

View online interactive demo
     The Accounts Payable System operates on an Accrual Basis. The system requires that Invoices, or Purchases, be entered, balanced, and merged into the Open Invoices File before Payment is made. Flexibility is a must in this type of system and aces has it providing the capability of demand checks allowing for instant processing of invoice entry and check writing at one time.

     The system uses a Vendor Master File, which contains the recurring Vendors that the business uses. Flexibility exists to record invoices and write checks for One Time Vendors. In such instances, the Vendor Address information is entered along with normal invoice information.

     The system provides flexibility and control for Cash Disbursements. Invoices may be paid by Discount Date, by Due Date, in Partial Payments, or put on indefinite Hold. Separate Check Registers are produced for Manual Checks.

     The system integrates with the ACES General Ledger System for Windows. When integrated, invoices are entered by accounting month, and may be entered and paid regardless of the current general ledger reporting period.
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