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Installation Guide

You may want to print this page to keep as a desktop reference.

The purpose of this document is to provide our Aces customers with a step-by-step guide for installation of Aces Software's applications and/or software updates

Downloading Files from the Aces Web Site

Before any user is allowed to access the password protected areas of our web site, a username and password must have been assigned to you beforehand by Aces Software's personnel.

This is normally done for you when an Aces Windows System was originally purchased. If not, contact us at and request that this be done. In the email message, please specify the user name and password you want to use.

The first step is to access the Internet and go to

Once there, choose the Updates link near the top of the screen. You should then see two choices, Clients and Resellers. You should click the Clients link.

The system will then prompt you for a username and password.

If the username and password are accepted, you will see a screen similar to the one pictured above. In a moment all the attention will be on the drop-down box; however, we first want to highlight the description area below that box. This area is updated frequently; and provides users with a running history of the changes and enhancements made for each application. We usually keep several months’ history on the site.

Now back to the box.

Clicking on the down-arrow on the right side of the box will expand the box to show what folders are available; however, only certain ones will be available for your password. For example, if you are licensed for Payroll, you can get in the Payroll area.

All users have access to the Environment area because those files are necessary for any user to operate properly.

In this example, Payroll was chosen from above which gives us this screen.

Click on the file name's link to begin.

Next, choose the “Save” option which will transfer the file on the website called “PRsetup.exe to a folder on your local system. When the transfer is complete, you will see a close button on this screen. Only one file at a time may be selected for downloading.

What local folder is used for downloading? It really does not matter. I personally use a local folder name “Downloads” in my documents folder. The point to be made is to use the same computer EVERY TIME for the download process!

The reason for that will become evident as you follow the process.

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Installing Aces Applications on your System

Before proceeding, it is necessary to point out that if you are using a multi-user system, also known as a LAN or Network, YOU MUST KNOW THE TARGET DRIVE LETTER where your data and programs reside! IF you are not absolutely sure of that, do not continue and contact someone who does know the information that is required.  If the file ends in ".zip", please refer to the notes at the end.

After the file is downloaded to your local system, usually you will want to close the Internet connection unless you are constantly connected via broadband Internet access. The next step is to locate the file you just downloaded with Windows Explorer. Double-Click on the file to get the process going. The above screen will appear after a few moments.

You will need to click the Next button and agree to the license agreement to see the screen above.

Please pay particular attention to the button with the label of “Change”.

If you are on a stand-alone PC, you ONLY need to click the Next button to continue. If your system is multi-user, you will need to select the Change button most likely.

At this point, you will need to navigate to the system volume where the programs reside. This is normally a mapped network drive such as “F” or “G” or whatever.

Navigate through the tree structure until you see the “Aceswin” folder. You will need to click on that one. All programs for the Aces Windows system must reside in the “Aceswin” folder.

Once the target is properly selected, select the Next key until the program files begin copying.

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Notes on Shortcuts

It was mentioned before that you will want to always use the same workstation (or server) to perform the application installation process. Here is why.

Every time an application is installed, it creates a new icon on the desktop; however, the destination, or working folder, of that icon is usually wrong and it will not work.

We suggest that you create or copy the Aces Icons and move them to the right side of the screen where installing takes place. Those icons will always be used for the system. As the system creates these new icons, simply right click them and delete in order to keep the screen clean.

Additional Notes on Networking Systems

In some LAN systems, for whatever reason, the installation program is not allowed to delete an existing program file such as “AR.Exe”. If you find this to be the case, you must use Windows Explorer to remove the program file BEFORE you install the new version.

Additional Notes on "Zip" Files

Sometimes, on an interim basis, we will put up a zip file, such as "".  This is almost always done to fix an immediate problem where only a new program file is needed.  You will download the zip file like a normal application project release; however, you will simply unzip the contents of the zip file and extract the file(s) to your Aceswin folder on your server if you have a LAN.  If the zip file contains any file ending in "mdb" it is not a program file and these instructions do not apply!  

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