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     When founded in 1977, Aces Software, like most software companies of that time, was a “custom” house that designed, authored, and modified code for many different types of businesses. The primary areas of emphasis were city governments’ water billing and budgetary systems, construction, and membership organizations including social clubs and country clubs. Gradually by 1980, the full-time interest was on the club industry. At that time, the system operated on proprietary mini-computer hardware.

     In 1982, Aces became the first company to release a true multi-user microprocessor-based system on the B22 and B21 equipment. A couple of years later the B25 system was developed which provided much greater speed and power. In 1985, our multi-user ‘BOS’ system cut prices for multi-user systems more than half!

     In the early 90's, the MS Dos system debuted. Successive enhancements were made that included both Pro Shop and Food and Beverage Point-of-Sale systems. In 1999, the Y2K release was accomplished. That effort required one and one-half man-years to complete with over 300 programs updated.

     Some time ago, a group of "experts" advised our company to change its name because "Aces" had too much history in the marketplace.  I thought about that.  The problem was, and is, that the name "Aces" is our daily reminder of what our job really is -- to make an ace.  In the sports of golf and tennis, making an ace is the ideal.  In war, an "ace pilot" is honored.  And so on.  It was decided to keep the name if only for ourselves.

     Now our Windows era has begun.

     As you can see, Aces Software has always been an innovative company never being satisfied with a “status-quo” mentality. Our products have a reputation for reliability and flexibility. Attention to detail is emphasized. Like the quote from a famous golf movie once said about the golf swing, “perfection is always strived for though never able to be achieved”.  That does not mean we cannot strive for it.
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